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Criminal Defence Lawyers
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Specialists in Criminal Defence

Christopher Mantle Solicitors are a vastly experienced Criminal Defence Law Firm who has been successfully defending clients up and down the country for over 25 years, dealing with both minor and serious prosecutions.

Our team are highly skilled and experienced in defending against all types of Criminal Law prosecutions in the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

General Crime Solicitors in Merseyside

If you or someone close to you has been questioned about a general crime, we at Christopher Mantle Solicitors can help.

We have an undeniably strong record in successfully defending our clients at all levels, including defending against conviction and aggressively negotiating the best available result if a conviction has been made.

Our records of success include defending clients facing general crime charges such as assault charges and theft charges, as well as blackmail and driving offences.


Regulatory Crime

Sexual Assault

Drug Offences

Road Traffic

Murder / Manslaughter



Proceeds of Crime

All Serious Crime

We have a free emergency service that is available 24/7 for initial police station attendance and we highly recommend that no matter the severity of your crime, you should always have a lawyer present, when being questioned by the police.


Emergency Number: 07623 984597

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